Elegant Modern Crystal Chandeliers for Exquisite Room Interior

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To enhance an elegant interior, modern crystal chandeliers are usually used as the decoration piece. Not only it functions as a decoration, it also functions as the lighting source of a room. A chandelier has long back history on its own. Western civilization used a chandelier in the 15th century in a very simple form.
The chandelier only consisted of two wooden planks attached in a crossing form. This way, there are four sides of planks. Each plank was used to place a candle, which is the source of lighting. The crossing planks were attached to a vertical wooden plank with a metal ring attached to the top of the plank. A rope is tied to the metal ring to lift up the simply made chandelier to the ceiling.

Elaborating Chandelier with Its Interior Decorations

The elaborate chandelier designs we know nowadays were begun designed centuries ago. The chandeliers back then were designed based on a ring or crown designs to emphasize an elegant room interior. The chandelier designers designed a collaborate chandelier with exquisite yet complex chandelier ornament to make it into an elegant room decoration. That is why chandelier had become a symbol of luxury and status. It was usually used by places with high statuses such as palaces and homes of the nobility, such as clergy and merchants.

Thus the history of a chandelier, it is no wonder if a chandelier nowadays is mostly used to enhance an exquisite room interior. However, because of the development of design interior, there are various kinds of chandelier models. Modern crystal chandeliers are one of them. This design combines the simplicity of modern design with classic chandelier ornament, which results in a stunning chandelier designs.

Simple and Collaborative Chandelier Designs for Stunning Look

Simple design does not mean it does not give a stunning touch to the room. It is proven from these two chandeliers. Two simple big rings are combined to form simple yet stunning chandeliers.

This design consists of strings with crystal drops in each string. In the middle, there are big drops of crystal balls illuminating the lights, which come from the base of the chandelier.

This design is somewhat similar to the previous one. It also has strings of crystals. However, it has longer and bigger crystal ball drops in the middle part. The light used is also orange light, not a white light, like in the previous design.

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