Elegant Bathroom Shower Ideas with Glass Box Installation

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These bathroom shower ideas will give you some insights on how to make a beautiful shower box in your bathroom. Having a bathtub is certainly great but it is not good for a thorough and clean shower. A shower room is surely an essential part of a bathroom. While bathtub is used for enjoying a relaxing bath, a shower room is best used for thorough cleaning of your body. That is why a shower box is important. Certainly, you cannot have a shower without any wall because the water will splatter everywhere.

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Full Glass Shower Box

Replacing solid wall for a shower box is outdated. Now, using glass to replace those solid walls is the hits. While it can bring the elegant look to your bathroom, it can also expose the entire view of the room.

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A small shower box also brings the advantages for a room with limited spaces. It can be installed on the corner of a bathroom right beside the bathroom door. There is a sink complete with a mirror and bathroom cabinet beside the shower. This perfect bathroom arrangement is perfect for limited space. The combination of white and beige colors makes the bathroom look nicely clean and neat.

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While the previous design focuses on white color, this one is dominated by black color. It brings the mysterious elegant look and nuance to the bathroom. The combination of black porcelain and shower glass box makes an exquisite bathroom interior. The white color on several parts of the bathroom brings an elegant balance to the interior. With a touch of green from a potted plant, it helps to make the room look more refined as it brings balance.

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The focus of the design on the picture above is certainly a modern bathroom interior. However, it tries to maintain a little classic touch, which comes from the soft brown color, dominated the bathroom. A quarter circle shower box is chosen instead of a sharp box to give a classic touch.

Shower with Glass Door

The second of bathroom shower ideas is having a glass door installed for a shower room instead of having a full shower glass box. That looks so amazing.

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A full glass door is installed with two half-glass walls for the shower box. A patterned and textured wall in plain white brings out the elegant bathroom look more with the help of the glass door.

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The same with the previous design, some glasses are installed for the shower room’s door. The combination of soft brown color and orange light brings calming nuance and a classic bathroom look.

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