Creative Under Stair Storage Ideas That Create Neat Arrangement

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There is that empty space if your home has stair which can be used as an under stair storage. There are various ways to design this empty space into storage. First, you have to consider what kind of storage you want under the stairs. This also can be decided through the location of the stairs. If the stairs are close to the bathroom, it can be used as toiletries storage. However, you can also change it into some sort of recreation room in a small corner. It all depends on the location of the stairs. If you are hesitant to decide, looking at these storage space references might help you to find the decision.

Storage under the Stairs Based on the Nearest Room

The following under stair storage is adapted following the nearest room to the stairs.

This one uses the under stair space to build kitchen shelves. The shelves are later hidden with sliding doors since the shelves are used to store eating ware, which mostly is vulnerable to dust. It can be used to store cups, plates, bowls, napkins, etc. This is only suitable because the dining room is what right beside the stairs.

This one is used as toiletries storage because it is located right in front of the bathroom. Space is changed into boxes of cabinets, which follow the shape of the space available.

This one uses the space to install a wine cellar under the stairs. Instead of relying on the wine storage in a basement, you can also have the selected ripe wine to store here. This under the stairs wine cellar will be perfect if the location of the stairs is near both living room and kitchen. Thus, the wine can be easily prepared, consumed, and then served to the guest.

General Storage of the Home

The following storage under the stairs ideas is designed based on the function as a home general storage space. It can be used to store whatever necessary inside a home. In order words, it is like a mini garage for things.

The space under the stairs here is used to install cabinets. Inside the cabinets are sliding shelves, which ease the storage of things. Since they consist of several sizes, they can be used to store whatever necessary.

This one uses the under the stairs space as a bookshelf. Following this bookshelf, might as well to make the corner as a reading corner thus a rug and a coffee table are set right in front of the shelf.

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