Creative Toilet Paper Holder Application as Unusual Ideas

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Update your personal and guest bathroom interior with common to the unusual installation of toilet paper holder ideas. Considered as one of staple items to be available to your bathing space, there is indeed some standard to more creative placements for this kind of toilet paper keepers, alongside with toilet, sink and bath, and more. The most common and frequently question asked is where to store small to big quantities of toilet paper rolls.

Store and Display Your Toilet Paper in Nice Way

For such petite sized bathing space, such a neat and well-organized toilet paper is highly required for pursuing more space-saving purpose. Don’t always hide this kind of important bathroom item. Rather, show them in obviously visible place or even strikingly creative holders. Yet, do not leave those toilet paper rolls into a mess in look.

Amazing Design Of The Bathroom Areas With Grey Wall And Toilet Paper Holder Ideas With Mirror

If you happen to have only standard or plain holders for your toilet paper rolls or stacks, you may play with your creativity and come into organizing or arrange them into surprisingly pleasant in visual appearance. Here, they will serve as additional decorative accents to the rest of the bathing interior. Even, you may show off truly efficient yet also highly attractive toilet paper storage presentations.

Awesome Design Of The White Wall Added With White Hidden Toilet Paper Holder Ideas

Superb Design Of The White Sink And Vanities Ideas With Toilet Paper Holder Ideas And Brown Storage

Standard Rules to More Personalized Ideas

There are indeed some standard placements for your toilet paper holder design ideas. Technically, if you choose the traditional wall-mounted holders, it has to be placed in 16 inches of height above the floor, on center. However, they can be tailored to more customized heights when we are talking about personal comfortable height for handicapped toilets or bathrooms, for example.

Amusing Design Of The White Bathroom Sink Ideas With Rounded Mirror Added With Toilet Paper Holder

Still, for standard wall-mounted toilet paper placement, another measurement requires that the holder should be installed 8-12 inches, on center. The distance is from the toilet to the facing wall. This will also demand you to consider the average height of your family members as the potential users. For shorter or children, it should be put 8 – 10 inches from the front of the toilet bowl; whereas for taller individuals, it can be placed 10 – 12 inches from the front of the toilet bowl.

Modern Design Of The White Toilets Ideas With White Toilet Paper Holder Added With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

Wall mounted bar, toilet paper boxes, and other common holders still can be used. You simply need to look for more appealing ones, which will enhance your bathing interior.

Simple Design Fo The Toilet Paper Holder With Blue Tosca Color Ideas Made From Paper Ideas

Astonishing Design Of The Bathroom Areas With White Wall Added With Brown Wooden Cabinets And Toilet Paper Holder

You may play creative regarding storing and displaying your bathroom toilet papers. There are countless unusual or unique ideas available for you. One of those examples can be displayed by what-so-called “a smart seat” – wooden toilet seat or cover featured with toilet paper roll holder. Or else, you can beautifully arrange your toilet paper rolls inside a rustic distressed wooden toolbox-like holder.

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