Colorful Teenage Room Ideas with Minimalist Decors and Enhancement

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Choosing one of teenage room ideas is not easy. It is because a teenager is currently in a difficult age. Thus, matching a room interior to their mood swing is somewhat difficult. The right and quick ways are to match their preference and apply it to the room interior. Take a look at the following references on teenage bedroom design interior to grasp the idea what does their bedroom look like.

Minimalist Bedroom for Mature Teenager

If your teenager kids do not want anything complicated or special applied to their bedroom, the following minimalist bedroom interior might meet their preference. Minimalist design is the quality of this one. Gray color is chosen to cover the entire wall. The number two dominating color is white which is applied to a bedside table, bed sheet, windows frame, and fur carpet.

Astonishing Design Of The Blue Wooden Wall Added With White Floor And White Bed As The Teenage Room Ideas

Astounding Design Of The Purple Wall Ideas With So Many Lamp Shade Ideas With White Wooden Door As The Teenage Room Ideas

The second minimalist bedroom has pastel blue as the color of the wall. The blue sofa set is adding a slightly colorful touch to the simplicity of the color palette applied to the room. The bedroom is in gray and white color. To make the room more just a simple design, a classic chandelier is added.

Awesome Design Of The Blue Tosca Wall Ideas With White Wooden Tabl And Side Table As The Bedroom For Teen Ideas

This design is slightly different from the previous two. It speaks volume of a minimalist interior. The white color is dominating the room with a minor touch of other color shades. The gold decoration in the ceiling makes a good combination of the dominated white color.

Marvelous Design Of The White Wall Added With White Rugs And Brown Wooden Bed Ideas With White Bed As The Teen Bedroom Ideas

Colorful Bedroom Speak Personality

Rather than simplicity in a plain color, this design is more of chic color and pattern. The same diamond pattern of olive color is applied to the bedroom blinds, cushion cover, and bed blanket. Pastel olive is dominating the room applied to the wall.

Stunning Design Of The Teen Bed Ideas With Grey Floor Added With Grey Bed And White Wall

Superb Design Of The Grey Floor Ideas With White Ceiling And White Wardrobe Ideas With Red Rugs As Teenage Room Ideas

This design also goes for chic with the stripes carpet but it goes with more simple color, which is gray. White also adds a nice touch to combine with the gray wall. The theme of this design is probably right to be called as a classic chic bedroom. The classic can be seen through the bedroom furniture design while the chic design can be seen from the color choice and pattern applied to the room.

Many teenagers like to apply their favorite color to their bedroom. It is slightly difficult when the color is a strong one. The second of teenage room ideas is a colorful bedroom. This bedroom design combines pale yellow with strong fuchsia colors. To maintain the look of the bedroom, white color is also combined to apply in the room.

Adorable Design Of The Blue Tosca Wall Added With White Drawers And White Cabinets Ideas With White Wall As The Teenage Room Ideas

Amazing Design Of The Blue Wall At The Teen Bedroom With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

Amusing Design Of The Purple Wall Added With White Cabinets And Purple Drawers As Teenage Room Ideas

Fantastic Design Of The Brown Wooden Floor Ideas With Pink Wall Added With Bunk Bed And White Cabinets

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