Colorful Teen Girl Room Designs That Feature and Simple Lines

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Choosing a teen girl room interior can be tricky. It is because kids at this age are difficult to comprehend what they are into it. It is only natural to apply what their likes, hobby, idols, and preferences to their personal space. Girl teen mostly prefers colorful nuance to be applied to their room. Here are some references on girl teen bedrooms we have successfully gathered.

Amazing Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Grey Wall Ideas Added With Colorful Bed Cover Ideas

Superb Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Purpl Furniture Added With White Floor Ideas With White Ceiling

White Girl Teen Bedroom

White bedroom is the easiest basic bedroom theme, which can be combined with pretty much everything else. In this section, we try to see how white bedroom theme is combined with some colorful touch in several bedroom furniture or aspects.

Marvelous Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Pink Wall Added With Blue Tosca Ceiling Ideas And White Floor

The first white bedroom is combined with the color pink. Pink is not applied to any of the bedroom furniture but it is applied on the bed. Cushion, cushion covers, bed sheet, and blanket are in the various form of pink. The room is pretty much dominated with white color but it has a small touch of tiny wallpaper put on the window. Wooden flooring balances the bright color of the bedroom.

Awesome Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With White Floor Ideas Added With Pink Wall Ideas

Although it is the same white bedroom, the second design is less bright than the first one. It is because the bedroom has more spaces and chosen not to be filled with many furniture and decoration. Thus, the aim of this design is simplicity in color. There are several pink touches in the room. A wall bookshelf, a sofa, and a carpet are all in slightly different pink shades.

Astonishing Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Pink And Purple Wall Idas Added With Pink Cabinets And Pink Pillow On The Sofa

Bright Colors Bedroom Theme

Unlike all the previous designs, which are pretty much dominated by the color white, it can be said that this one is dominated by the color pink. The wall is mainly covered in pink except the small part where there are wall shelves installed beside each side of the bed. The dominating pink touch is enough to have the rest of the bedroom covered in white color.

Cool Design Of The Bedroom Areas With White Floor Added With White Wall And Pink Chairs As The Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas

This last white bedroom design is colorful not because in a way, it is covered in several colors but it has wallpaper and patterns applied to the bedroom. A Paris wallpaper theme is chosen to a side of the walls room. The cupboard even has been decorated with Eiffel towers stickers.

Stunning Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Blue Wall Ideas Added With Pink Curtain And White Ceiling Ideas

If it is preferred to have a teen girl room dominated in her favorite color, these references might help to picture how it looks.

Astounding Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With White Floor Ideas Added With Pink Wall And Green Chairs Ideas

Amusing Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas Added With Pink And White Wall Ideas

Fantastic Design Of The Teen Girl Bedroom With Pink Wall Ideas Added With White Floor And Table Ideas

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