Coffee Table Trunk: Most Popular Furniture for Living Room

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In the third quarter of 2015, coffee table trunk became the idol of furniture for living room. Now, what do you think about installing it in your living room? Is it still considered as one of the lavish furniture for the interior? Alright, despite arguing its functionality and sustainability, let’s take a look at the review below.

Adorable Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden Color And Legs Ideas Added With Grey Rugs Ideas

Superb Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Rugs Ideas Added With Some Candle At The Top Of The Table

Installing Coffee Table for Authentic Concept

Installing the coffee table as the main furniture of living room becomes so common for urban people. You must also able to do it, right? However, you must need to know that the coffee table is very authentic with trunk concept. This kind of table decoration really optimizes the main function of the table. Starting from the position of the table, it is placed facing the main fireplace. Yet, the sectional sofa really completes the decoration of the room in open space floor plan. Talking about the accent of coffee table trunk, the wooden material really suits it perfectly.

Astonishing Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden Color Added With Brown Rugs Ideas

Amusing Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden Color Ideas Added With Beige Floor Ideas

Since the coffee table is placed against the main sofa, floor rug is better applied to it. This kind of interior furniture really makes the living room look adorable. Still, the decoration of sofa becomes so enormous because the sofa is full of authentic accent. Dealing with the installation of lamp system, desk lamp becomes the finest additional lamp. Yet, the ceiling lamps only support several areas of the coffee table. The key is the interior design that must suit to interior furniture model.

Elegant Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden Materials Added With Hidden Storage Ideas

Amazing Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden Color Materials Added With Black Iron Accesories

Design of Coffee Table with Trunk

You must wonder how many designs of the coffee table with the trunk. Alright, you do not need to worry because you can find the example below. Starting from the main table, the square concept is the applicable one. With a flat surface, the glossy finishing is applied for the enhancement. Another model that adores most of the urban people is the authentic style. This coffee table concept is designed in drum model. However, the surface is still in the flat model. This kind of coffee table design makes the trunk is so spacious.

Stunning Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Red Brown Color Ideas Added With Four Wooden Legs Ideas

Astounding Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Brown Wooden And Black Color Materials Added With Brown Wooden Legs Ideas

The glass table concept is also applied to the coffee table because it aims for a modern house. By installing the trunk table with the glass surface, it makes the decoration looks classier. Furthermore, the position of the trunk is inside the glass panel. In a glance, the interior decoration becomes perfectly astonishing with such furniture. DIY style can also be applied for the interior decoration of living room. You can choose the unused cabinet for the desk. The result, interior decoration of open space seems suitable with vintage style.

Fantastic Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Black Color Ideas Added With Brown Wooden Rugs Ideas And White Sofa Ideas

Marvelous Design Of The Coffee Table Trunk With Silver Iron Materials Added With Grey Rgs And Brown Leather Sofa Ideas

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