Chic and Functional Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

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Chic and creative dorm room ideas absolutely will not let your little quarters hamper your personality and style. Let your creativity run and transform your college or school dorm rooms into more functionally efficient and decoratively stylish space that can your ideal place for studying and relaxing times. If you share a dorm with a roommate, this interior will also serve as your place to tell stories or even secrets!

Furniture Picks

For such petite space, you have to be careful in selecting furniture pieces to be included in your dorm room. It is better try to look for single bed, separate study desk and shelves in compact or practically space-saving design that will not eat all the space. Bunk beds with storage or cabin beds with storage would be perfect solutions here. They usually already come with study desk and storage shelves.

Amusing Design Of The Black Chairs Added With White Wall As The Dorm Room Ideas

Adorable Design Of The Brow Wooden Bed Ideas With White Bed As The Dorm Room Ideas

For changing your and room’s moods, you may also rearrange your furniture to get another brand new and refreshing look or layout. In addition, do not forget about the comfort factor too!

Astonishing Design Of The Brown Wooden Floor Added With White Wall And White Lamp As The Dorm Room Ideas

Other Functional and Decorative Elements

Get your dream dorm room ideas! A small room does not mean you cannot do anything regarding your its interior style or decorations. Therefore, you look at other functional essentials and decorative elements to be applied to your dorm rooms. These can range from wall paints, bedding sets, wall arts, floor covering ideas, and lightings.

Amazing Design Of The White Bed Added With White Ceiling As The Dorm Room Ideas

Perhaps, the first thing you want to do or change is your room’s paint color. You may choose your favorite colors. However, you have to consider whether the palette is in proportion with the entire layout. Alternatively, you may pick a certain color, which is able to evoke particular mood or effect.

Fantastic Design Of The Dorm Room Ideas With White Bed And White Wall Added With Some Pics On The Wall

Next, match your wall shades with your bedding sets. Once again, you can choose your favorite colors and motifs for these bedding sheets, comforters, or blankets. They will definitely boost your mood with softness, vibrant colors, and comfort.

Awesome Design Of The White Bed And Red Bed Added With White Wall As The Dorm Room Ideas

Express your favorite things in wall decoration ideas. These can be in wall arts, wall paintings, photographs, and other more attractive artistic visual interests. Alternatively, you may also hang your important message or task boards on the walls.

Stunning Design Of The White Wall Of The Dorm Room Ideas With Many Pictures Added With White Bed

After the wall, don’t forget about your underfoot part, your floor! This means you need to think about and look for floor covering item. For example, you may choose interior area rugs in different materials, sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns.

Superb Design Of The White Bed Added With White Wall As The Dorm Room Ideas

In addition, the last one is probably the functional and decorative lighting fixtures. Ceiling, wall, and desk lamps would be the essential ones. However, you can also add more decorative illumination in truly charming look. These can be in beautiful lanterns or sparkling string lights.

Marvelous Design Of The Grey Wall Added With Grey Bed As The Dorm Room Ideas

Astounding Design Of The Brown Wooden Table Added With Brown Wooden Bed As The Dorm Room Ideas

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