Black And White Bedroom Applied for an Elegant Interior Design

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A black and white bedroom is a trending design in this time. It is mostly selected because of emerging elegant nuance. Black and white, or we can call it monochrome, is a never-ending design to be chosen. This color combination can be applied in both a small bedroom and big size bedroom. If you want to know the concept of monochrome in your bedroom, we try to help you through this article.

Concept That You Can Decorate

The concept of this bedroom design is quite simple. You have to consider the size of your bedroom, if you have a small bedroom, the white color should be dominant which is applied to the wall.

The picture above shows us that white can give wide nuance in a small room. To express the monochrome concept, the owner chooses black furniture in this bedroom like in standing lamp and trundle bed. The application of black mirror and monochrome pattern on the side of the bedroom is a smart chosen to make the room not boring.

The picture above has applied straight-line monochrome on its wall. This kind of application give a higher nuance of your room, but your room will look narrow. In addition, big bed furniture will spend space of your room. However, the rule of design has not always been obeyed, it can be flexible because it depends on your interest and needed. However, although this room looks narrow, it looks pretty and elegant with a classic bed in it. Beautified with a bucket of white flower and black lamp on its table, it looks wonderful. The chosen of the transparent chair can be a unique accent.

Best Color Scheme Combination

Monochrome design for your bedroom can be combined with another color. You should avoid bright color because it will lose the impression of monochrome itself. It is better to choose light color like picture below

That is such an elegant room with the combination of monochrome and purple degradation. The monochrome concept is not always black and white on your wall, but also the choosing of furniture, domination color and also the lighting in your room. The room above has bright lighting from the wide window, so it is balanced with the domination of black color on its wall. Degradation of purple is added as a variant to make the room not boring.
I hope this article can give your ideas for your black and white bedroom. However, if you still hesitate, some picture of monochrome bedroom below will enlighten your mind. Just now, pick the right ideas to create an elegant bedroom. Their inspirations are absolutely for you.

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