Bathroom Storage Shelves for Minimalist and Modern Interior

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Since the bathroom storage shelves are one of the important furnishings for bathroom decoration, this review is very important to know. You must also wait for the latest news on this storage shelves design, right? Furthermore, the storage shelves are so applicable for bathroom design. Hence, knowing the decoration of bathroom storage must make the interior become classier.

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Design of Storage Shelves

For the design of storage shelves, you must be familiar with square shelves, right? Furthermore, the design is really suitable installed above the toilet. Talking about the decoration of shelves, the story concept is really astonishing. Usually, this kind of shelves is applied for the minimalist bathroom. Second, the shelves built in bathroom basin. This kind of storage shelves is applied for the modern bathroom. The installation of main bathroom lamp enhances the appearance of it. Since the bathroom is designed in dry concept, the bathroom must have enough space for the installation of storage shelves.

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Since the design of bathroom storage shelves is equipped with drawer style, the model of storage shelves is imitated from stand design. Painted in white, it becomes so applicable for both modern and minimalist bathroom. Moreover, the shelves are placed beside the main bathroom sink. It makes the bathroom becomes so adorable. Talking about the design of lamp system, wall lamps really suit to storage installation. Here, knob model is installed on the drawer. Since the panel is made from a glass material, it makes the storage’s staff can be seen directly.

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Apply on Marble Backsplash: For Elegant Looks

Talking about the bathroom with storage, the marble tiles are applied on the backsplash area. Within the mirror wall on bathroom basin, the wall lamps really illuminate the finest light. Yet, the marble countertop on basin really makes the decoration becomes much better. The installation of storage for bathroom also becomes the reason that making the interior is so adorable. For those who apply white cabinet or storage for the bathroom, you had better apply the colorful model for storage. Still, the interior decoration really makes the interior becomes so astonishing.

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When you deal with the minimalist design of the bathroom, you are suggested to apply the storage painted in white. Moreover, the interior wall of the bathroom is painted in cyan color or pastel color. What do you think about this kind of wall painting? This concept of bathroom storage becomes so amusing, right? You must think that the interior of bathroom looks so lavish yet very attractive.

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