Awesome Modern Ceiling Lights That Enlighten Up Your Interior

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Nowadays, ceiling light of our home is happening transformation, from the traditional ceiling light to modern ceiling lights. Lights have very important role to our home, because, it is not only brightening our house, suitable ceiling light also give warm nuance in every room and emphasize the interior design of the house too. To choose the right ceiling lights in your home, there are few things you have to be considered.

Modern Lights Setting

Parts of our house have different lighting settings, for example in a living room. Light of living room must be spread evenly. We can use indirect lighting for the living room. Indirect lighting is light which is hidden inside the ceiling or wall. We can use some lights to have bright light.

The picture above shows the setting of indirect lighting. Those lightings are hidden inside the ceiling. The owner put lights on every side of the ceiling, which formed U-shapes. See on the ceiling center, you can use the lighting accent to vary and add the more aesthetic room appearance.

The picture above uses general lighting, which combined with ceiling fan. This is smart idea to save room space. The owner adds 4 lights in a line above the painting. This is applied make those paintings are clearer to see. So the additional light is used to emphasize the decoration of the house.

The bedroom is a place to relax. The research found that relaxing can be optimal in low light. Thus, a low light setting is needed in our bedroom. Interior designer also suggests us to use yellow lights to give a relaxing atmosphere. That picture above describes that the owner uses the main lighting above the bed, and reading lighting as sleep lighting all at once in the left and right side of the bed.

The picture above is the example of lighting setting for the kitchen. It is better for you to use a hanging lamp, or add shade to your lamp. The owner of the picture above uses pendant hanging lamp above the dining table. The lamp is reflecting light directly to the dining table, so it focuses on the dishes on the table. The owner also gives extra lights above stove and kitchen set.

Modern With Round Ceiling Lights

Round ceiling, lights can be used in living room. When it is hanging on the ceiling, it can spread lights well. It is also spread warm nuance when you are gathering with your relatives. Besides, the application of this lights has a very modern impression and very artistic. This picture below is an example of round ceiling lights, which is mixed with ceiling fan.

Those are tips for modern ceiling light settings. Just remember, before applying ceiling lights, make sure that this is suitable for your home design, furniture and size of your room. Hope these tips can give you inspiration in using ceiling light. Here are some more pictures to help you.

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