Applying Blue Kitchen Cabinets That Give Shabby Chic Decors

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Applying blue kitchen cabinets can imply several meanings or moods you want to create to your cooking and dining space. It will add the shabby chic decoration. Not only providing you with practical storage and organization furniture pieces, the blue tones for finishing – from aqua to indigo, for example – are able to evoke particular symbolisms or values. In general, blue has plenty representative meanings, such as calm, serenity, stability, conservatism, authority, wisdom, honesty, and loyalty. While for an interior paint, blue hues are associated with refreshing calming properties of water, which are believed able to reduce blood pressure and slow respiration.

Blue Color Psychology

Many color experts, together with psychologists and cultural references tell us the meanings of this adorable blue color shades. It is also about how to apply them to our home living. Always remember what colors have on your mood and state of mind, as well as to the interior layout, when you are still selecting and deciding particular paint color scheme to your home living interiors. Every color indeed has its psychological impact.

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Based on the history, the ancient Egyptians and Chinese frequently practiced chromotherapy – namely using colors to heal. In addition, blue is one of those colors, which has healing properties. Even, today’s chromotherapy is still being used as holistic or alternative health treatment.

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The blue color effects will be highly depending on the tone gradations. Some other examples can be in the form of a high-energy shade of blue such as sapphire. for instance, will generate daring blow off energy to a room; A light blue sky hue to the walls will be great for evoking more tranquil feel; Darker tones like navy are said able to create a dramatic effect, paler shades are perfect for making small spaces look and feel more spacious.

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Blue Shades to Your Kitchen Cabinets

After knowing about the color psychology owned by blue tones, now you may apply them to your cooking space, more especially to your blue kitchen cabinets as part of storage and organization ideas.

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Of course, every individual has varied tastes or preferences in applying blue color to their kitchen cabinets. It is important to know first about the mood you wish to introduce or have for yourself as well as for the entire interior.

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You may also think about the style of your cooking space, the floor materials and finishes, other furniture pieces, as well as more functional and decorative accessories to gain perfect look and ambiance. Not only you will get neat and well-organized storage cabinets, but these furniture pieces will also evoke certain moods and atmosphere to your cooking and dining interiors.

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