Antique White Kitchen Cabinets for Glorious Layout Ideas

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Applying antique white kitchen cabinets can be main supporter to create a white glory kitchen design. Kitchen cabinets are part of triangle concept that is a focal concept for deciding kitchen layout. The mentioned concept includes storage (refrigerator/cabinet), cooking (range) and cleaning (sink). That three activities have to walk continually so that the owner has to make sure the traffic for doing that three activities. This is a basic concept of kitchen design. To create a glory kitchen design, the owner can apply this kind of cabinets as the main supporter.

How to Make It for Luxurious Layouts

All Kitchen layout design such as U-shaped, G-shaped, island kitchen, a single line (I-line), double line, and L-shaped can be created to be a glory kitchen. In this time kitchen, antique cabinets in white will be the main emphasis. This white antique cabinet will be accompanied by the other rigid kind of furniture that show strong characteristic such as a granite top dining counter, glowing lighting, and the other luxurious detail ornament.

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A glory kitchen will be coming true by antique kitchen cabinets in white. Its rigid body shape shows its arrogance and domination. Try to set all of the cabinets in white. Touch up inside of hanging cabinets that covered by glass with soft glowing lighting so that it will create a beautiful display of cabinets.

What Is Inside: Perfect Combination

Talking about what inside of the cabinets, here we will share you. To make the perfect combination of this glory kitchen, cover kitchen backsplash with white ceramic tile in white. Do the same thing in white for cabinet counter. It is not really a problem if granite top dining counter or table in white or black. Set white glass windows and cover ceiling and wall in white paint. Make a glory kitchen perfect with hanging some glowing pendants or sparkling hanging lamp above the counter. Hit the concept by a small pretty touch of flowers in a corner or some sides of the kitchen.

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This antique kitchen cabinet not really in clean white. They are almost old enough from the cabinets appearance. That is a good idea to pick them as kitchen cabinets for creating a white glory kitchen. The color of cabinets remembers us about colonial nuance and classical atmosphere. The glory of kingdom nuance is very strong from glamor crystal lamp above the dining counter. Natural flawless wood flooring cover the perfection of the glory kitchen.

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This is the other type of glory kitchen since luxurious kitchen cabinets in white tones. The use of glasses in some hanging cabinets make the cabinets composition good. A flamboyant white crystal above the counter makes this kitchen flawless. Additional lighting from some candles gives romantic nuance for a glory concept. Of course, the antique white kitchen cabinets can be a good preference for your next kitchen restoration.

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